The ROHCP take complaints about it’s registrants very seriously.  One of the founding tenets of our organisation is the promotion of professionalism in our industry and the constant work to ensure that all of our listed professionals treat their fellow professionals and the general public according to our Code Of Conduct

It is with sadness and regret that we have had to revoke the registrations of six registrants to The ROHCP this year (2016)  following complaints from both the general public and others in the industry relating to lower than expected standards from these registrants.

Our policy is clear in our Code Of Conduct and once a registrant has been found to be in breach of it then they are removed from the register permanently.

We have a duty both to our existing registrants, the industry and the general public to uphold the standards that we believe separate the professionals from the disreputable and we will remove any registrant found to be in breach.